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  • Understand basic Core Java 8 concepts for beginners in detail.
  • Write Java code using operators, constructors, loops, functions, conditions, etc.
  • Work with methods and encapsulation.
  • Implement multi-threading, string handling, and exception handling techniques.
  • Develop web applications.

web development

  • Understand HTML5
  • Understand CSS3
  • Understand Javascript
  • Understand HTML Forms, REST and RESTful APIs
  • Understand Bootstrap
  • Understand JQuery
  • Understand how the Web works
  • Live Website Project


  • core php5 and apache: basic of php
  • working with forms and form data
  • php super global functions
  • advanced php5: advance php concept
  • ajax in php5
  • introduction to php oops
  • mysql5


  • Basic Python
  • Advance Python
  • Python for Software Automation
  • Python for Data Science/Analytics
  • Python for Web development
  • Python for Devops
  • Python for Cloud & Networking